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Re-Decorating My Own Home

Hello!  I wanted to talk to you today about where I start when I decide I’m going to make changes to my own home.

I recently moved to a larger home and was trying to live with the colors choices that the last owner left me.  As I walked through the house before buying, I immediately saw my iris picture on the main wall of the dining room.  I could envision how my furniture would fit in the living room.  I started decorating in my mind.  That’s when you know you’re hooked!  When you start decorating, or in this case re-decorating because I was reusing my own things but in a new, re-imagined way, you know the house is calling to you.

So, I bought the house and we moved in.  I lived in the house with no pictures at all on the walls for about 3 weeks. I was going to wait until I had painted to my taste before I decorated in earnest.  But then one day, I just couldn’t take it any longer.  I got out the hammer and nails and got to work!

I think that it’s important that you make your space your own and put your stamp on it, making it feel welcoming and homey.  This can be a real struggle for me sometimes, just as I’m sure it can be for you too!  I had an inner vision of what I wanted the house to look like, and now I had to figure out how to transform what I had into what I was dreaming of.

I decided that I should start in the dining room.  Since that was where we would be gathering for meals and catching up with each other about how our days were going, I wanted to make sure it was inviting and comfortable.

In this room, three of the four walls are painted a very pretty shade of iris.  The fourth wall however, is a chocolate brown…not my taste or style at all.

But once I decided to go ahead and decorate with my furnishings and change out paint later, I was able to make the dining room work for me just fine and I really am pleased with the outcome.

What do you think?


Here you can definitely see the brown wall and just how brown it really is!  Yes, I was still unpacking and adjusting things too.

Now… I lived with this for a while, but something wasn’t quite right.  I kept tweaking things…. I had my son add the chandelier that I brought with me from my old house.


Ah!  Much better!  For me, this light gave the room a sense of elegance and French Country charm.

I looked around the room…. yes, it was better, but it still needed something else…

I felt like this wall was off balance.  It was my birthday clock that my son gave to me a few years ago.


Do you see how the left side of the room feels much heavier than the right?  After much thought, I decided I really did need to move my clock.  So one Saturday morning before anyone else was up, I pushed and pulled things around and moved it out of the dining room.


Much better now, don’t you agree?  The room seems much larger than before just by moving that one piece of furniture.

I love how the iris picture featured on this wall is drawn out by the wall color itself.  Also, I swapped out the cat plate that had the same hues as the room with the little white leaf plate.  That makes that vignette more cohesive to me.

Next, I decided that I really didn’t like the drapes that were left.  They were ok… but again, not my style.  So…..after some digging, I came up with these blue paisley sheers.


So… for now, this is my dining room.  It’s working better and I’ll keep tweaking until it’s just right.  I’m really close and it’s a lovely room as it is. I don’t know about you, but there is always something more that I want to do to give it that little extra something!

So until my next installment, I hope you enjoy your decorating adventures.  If you need help in getting things going and would like to have someone to reimagine your space, let me know!  My team and I are available and would love to make your decorating dreams come true!

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All of us have one of those spaces that we just can’t seem to get right no matter how hard we try. We look longingly at the beautiful rooms that are created on tv decorating shows and dream of the day when our home will look like they do. We’ve all considered hiring an Interior Decorator to make our dream come true, but when we’ve looked at their prices…. OUCH!  Who can afford that?

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